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Meet Our Pastors

Aaron Podgorski

Tim Flener

Lead Pastor

Assistant Pastor

The Bride Church Pastor's

Q & A

Aaron Podgorski: (AP)

Tim Flener: (TF)

Spouse + Kids?

TF: Linda is my awesome wife. Grown up kids are Bethany, John, Luke, Rebekah, Ruth, and 8 grandkids.

AP: I am happily married to my wonderful wife Rebekah. We have three children Ephraim, Asher, and Dinah.

Why do you love The Bride?

TF: I love the direction and it's a great place for relationships.

AP: The Bride church culture is a great atmosphere for spiritual growth. We challenge and encourage one another to be more like Christ.

Favorite Scripture?

TF: Ephesians 2:8-9

AP: Isaiah 55

What are your hobbies?

TF: Reading books, writing books, spending time outdoors, and road trips.

AP: Playing music, fishing, and homesteading with my family.

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